These simple points are an extract from the Condominium rules and are common sense standards intended to allow all Residencia users to enjoy the facilities whithout disturbance .They to the use of the condominium common areas and the private areas as it may affect the common areas , and will be applicable to all the owners and users of the private properties and the common areas within the condominium.

The private areas to correspond to each of the 12 houses that may be identified numerically as 1 to 12 .The common areas of the Residencia are difined on the condominium constitution , it involves all the areas and the villas, acces, parking, gardens, pool and any construction in these areas shall be jointly ownedandform communal use of the condominium owners.

  • No excessive noise or disturbance should be made if causing nuisance or annoyance to other residents particularly between 12 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  • No litter or objects of any kind can be left or dropped in the common areas – please ensure all your guests observe.
  • Drying clothes , fabrics , furnishings or other household effects in the outside is only allowed in the discrete provided for the effect in the outside patio at garden level i.e. not allowed to be hung from terraces or walls
  • Private pool furniture , floats , toys and private possessions should be put away or left tidy in the common area.
  • Please use the outside shower to rince feet before entering the swimming pool

Thank you